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Let us install insulated vinyl siding so you can enjoy maintenance free living.

Siding and Insulation

Insulated vinyl siding adds value to your home by:

  • Keeping heat in during winter
  • Providing a cooler home in the summer
  • Reducing outside noise levels dramatically

Let us install vinyl siding and trim while you enjoy maintenance free living. Today's vinyl siding comes in many colors, will never chip or peel, contains a beautiful wood grain finish and carries a lifetime warranty.
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Is your old eavestrough rusted through, corners leaking, falling or not sloped properly?
Then it's time for 5" seamless eaves from Winside!
Made on site, we can make a single piece up to 200 ft long. No seams means no leaks!

Guaranteed seamless and leak less 5” eavestrough made on site!
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ALU-REX Gutter Clean System

The Gutter Clean System provides protection for eaves from leaves and debris with its sturdy aluminum construction. It is installed by our professionals, who will affix it over your new seamless 5" eavestrough or existing rain gutters, without replacing them. Its sturdy aluminum construction and the debris protection it provides make it the most widely installed products in Canada.
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Soffit Lighting

Added ventilation helps keep moisture and condensation from forming in the attic, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Enhance your curb appeal and increase your security with soffit pot lights.
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At Winside, we stand behind the work we do and guarantee quality installation. The best product in the world will not do its job, unless it is installed properly.

The work surface is inspected prior to starting; any loose boards or nails are secured to prevent denting and creasing. The underlying insulating layers you have selected are then installed, and our quality siding and trim is artfully applied to your home. We caulk and seal all of our siding and trim for maximum flexibility and durability. The work area is then cleaned and all job debris is hauled away.

SAWDAC logoWe are proud members of SAWDAC since 1997. The Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada is an assurance that member dealers and contractors will deliver consistently high standards of products, installations and business ethics. Every prospective member must meet the SAWDAC membership criteria, commit to a code of ethics and sign an ironclad five-year workmanship guarantee statement.

SAWDAC, sets tough standards that member dealers and contractors must live up to.
When you choose a registered SAWDAC company, you're choosing quality, professionalism and guaranteed workmanship.

Before you sign, be sure to ask, "Are you a member of SAWDAC?"

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